Uncle Sam Wants His Servicemembers Back

(RightWing.org) – The US Armed Services involuntarily discharged more than 8,400 members for refusing a direct order to receive mandated vaccines. Since refusing to heed a superior’s demand is considered insubordination, many dismissed troops received discharges categorized as “less than honorable.” However, recent reports indicate the US Army wants its servicemembers back.

On November 16, social media personality and independent journalist Rogan O’Handley posted a copy of a letter sent to discharged service members by Brig. Gen. Hope C. Rampy, the Army’s head of military personnel management. The notice advised former troops that they could seek a “correction of their military records” since the federal government rescinded all vaccine mandates earlier this year.

In other words, the Army is providing them an opportunity to have the classification of their discharges reviewed. The letter also provided detailed information regarding the steps to request a formal review of their discharges.

Brig. Gen. Rampy concluded the letter by encouraging any discharged servicemembers interested in applying to “return” to service (i.e., active duty) to contact their local Army National Guard, Army Reserve, or Army recruiter. She also provided links to resources to help them find a local contact for additional information.

Task & Purpose, a well-known military website, contacted US Army officials and confirmed the authenticity of a post on Reddit containing a photograph of the same letter. The image appears to be the same photo posted by O’Handley.

It remains unclear if returning servicemembers would be eligible to return with the same rank and privileges as when discharged. Similarly, neither the letter nor Army officials indicated whether the soldiers would retain their same military occupational skill (MOS).

Whether or not the apparent effort to recruit discharged soldiers will be successful is also uncertain. An October news report indicated that only 43 former members from all the nation’s Armed Service branches sought reinstatement after the federal government removed its vaccination mandate.

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