Biden Giving Nearly $1B For EV School Buses

( – Persuading Americans to switch from gasoline to electric vehicles (EVs) is a key part of President Biden’s green agenda. Unfortunately for him, that’s no easy task. Because of their short range, scarce charging points, and high price points, EVs have serious disadvantages and drivers are reluctant to make the change. However, Biden is using his position — and taxpayers’ money — to get more EVs on the roads.

On May 29, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that the Biden administration plans to hand out $932 million to 530 school districts to replace thousands of diesel school buses with new electric ones. According to the EPA, this is part of Biden’s “investing in America agenda” and will protect children from asthma by scrapping old diesel-powered buses.

The next day, EPA administrator Michael Regan publicly announced the massive handout in Jackson, Mississippi. NAACP President Derrick Johnson and Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) also attended the EPA announcement. Thompson praised the electric buses as a “cleaner, safer” way to take children to school.

Are they actually safer, though? Many road safety experts have expressed concerns about the fire risk posed by electric vehicles. While most fires have involved cars, buses remain far from immune.

Sadiq Khan, London’s socialist Mayor, recently forced the city’s public transport system to buy 380 electric buses. So far this year, three of them have caught fire. Transport for London insisted the fires had nothing to do with electric vehicles, but the city’s thousands of diesel buses didn’t seem to have this problem.

The particulates in diesel exhaust undoubtedly reduce air quality, but buses packed with batteries that might spontaneously combust aren’t healthy either. Additionally, they rely on components or materials imported from China. So, Biden’s electric buses might prove dangerous for our economy and supply chains as well as our children.

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