Popular YouTuber Dead at 30

(RightWing.org) – The rise of Big Tech companies brought a new generation of pseudo-celebrities. Known as influencers, these individuals amass hundreds of thousands of fans on social media platforms, turning their online fame into six-figure incomes by promoting products and services on their pages. Sadly, a recent post indicated that a wildly popular 30-year-old YouTuber with nearly 700K followers has died.

On July 5, the Instagram account for PrettyPastelPlease, whose real name is Alexandra, posted a brief statement announcing her death. The notice included a photograph of Alex smiling and holding a green parrot. The image listed her birth in September 1993 and death in June 2024.

“We come to you today… with a heavy heart,” the online memoriam statement began before breaking the news that Alex “has passed away.” The notice didn’t mention a cause of death but advised that her death was “sudden, unexpected, and devastating” to everyone who knew the young Australian girl.

The notice advised that Alex’s family and friends were in shock over her sudden passing and requested privacy while they processed their grief. The statement said that although her loved ones appreciated everyone’s support, they needed “time to heal in private.”

The post said Alex’s family would post a memorial on her Instagram and Facebook pages “in due course.”

The notice also urged people to reach out for help if the news of Alex’s death impacted them or if someone else they knew was having a difficult time. The post concluded with the phone number for Beyond Blue, an Australian mental health support organization that provides free counseling services. Established in late 2000, the organization’s goal is to raise awareness about people suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

Several of Alex’s fans left heartfelt comments on the post. A few of them speculated that the online influencer’s death may have resulted from her recent divorce. She posted a video on her YouTube account discussing that situation “and other rumors” in August 2023. Since then, she’s only posted three other videos and only one in 2024.

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