Travis Kelce Reveals Secret Service Taser Comments

( – At the end of May, the Kansas City Chiefs visited the White House. For tight end Travis Kelce it wasn’t his first visit; in 2023 he was intercepted as he tried to sneak up to the podium during a visit. That came back to haunt him this year. Kelce says the Secret Service warned him they had the authority to tase him.

During the Chiefs’ 2023 White House visit, Kelce mischievously approached the president’s podium but was intercepted by quarterback Patrick Mahomes. When the team returned on May of this year, President Biden apparently decided it would be better to remove temptation, and invited Kelce to speak. He walked to the podium and introduced himself, saying “My fellow Americans, it’s nice to see you all again” — but then he made a startling claim. Turning to the president, he said the Secret Service had “told me if I came up here I’d get tased, so I’m going to go back to my spot, all right?”

On June 5, Kelce released an episode of his “New Heights” podcast and discussed the incident. He said four or five agents had approached him, to warn him that they had been authorized to use tasers on him if he went near the podium again. Obviously, they weren’t actually going to do that if Biden had invited him to speak, but the warning seems to have made an impression on him.

However, the Secret Service has now stepped in to add some context to what happened. The same day as Kelce released the podcast, a spokesman for the agency spoke to People magazine and provided some extra details. Nathan Herring said agents “were happy to support” the visit and had even given Kelce a Secret Service pin. And the taser warning? “Travis and our personnel were having some friendly banter.”

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