Prominent Psychiatrist Denies Epstein Link

( – A victim of the late Jeffrey Epstein has shocked New York by naming one of the city’s most famous psychiatrists as a predator. The anonymous woman is suing Henry Jarecki, claiming he sexually assaulted her more than a decade ago. Jarecki is denying her allegations.

On June 3, an anonymous plaintiff filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan federal court, naming Jarecki as her attacker. The woman, known as Jane Doe 11, says she arrived in the US in 2010 to work as a model and met Epstein, who died in a New York jail cell in 2019. She claims she suffered from depression at the time, and the financier sent her to Jarecki for treatment — but, instead of helping her, Jarecki assaulted her numerous times between 2011 and 2014.

The lawsuit has caused shock in NYC. Jarecki, whose family fled Nazi Germany when he was a child, isn’t just a renowned psychiatrist; he’s also taught at Yale University and been a successful businessman, investor, and movie producer. According to the victim, Epstein regularly sent his victims to him when they needed therapy; in exchange for getting access to young women he could abuse, Jarecki would deter victims from reporting the abuse Epstein had subjected them to. She also says Jarecki put her up in an expensive apartment in exchange for sex, which she didn’t consent to.

Jarecki, who is now 91, denies all the allegations against him. There’s no doubt he knows the plaintiff; he openly admits they had a relationship in the period she claims the abuse happened. However, he describes that relationship as “consensual, non-secretive, and mutually respectful,” and says the current accusations are just an attempted money grab. Bradley Edwards, the attorney who’s representing her and other Epstein victims, is now calling for any other women who claim Jarecki abused them to get in touch with him.

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