TikTok Twist: Stolen Twins Reunited

(RightWing.org) – The Chinese social media app TikTok is notorious for persuading young people to do stupid — and often dangerous — things, but sometimes it does some good, too. A pair of Georgian twins have been reunited after seeing each other in popular videos. The two were separated as babies when they were stolen from their mother and sold; the app has brought them back together.

When Amy Khvitia was 12 years old she was amazed to see a contestant on “Georgia’s Got Talent” who looked just like her. Seven years later that girl, Ano Sartania, had a similar experience when she saw Amy’s TikTok video of herself getting her eyebrow pierced. She managed to trace the other girl and got in touch through Facebook. As they talked, they started to discover that they shared the same tastes, the same hairstyle, and even the same rare hereditary bone disease. Curious, they arranged to meet — and realized they were suspiciously like twins.

The two girls confronted their families, and that was when they learned they’d both been adopted. Their birth certificates, which said they’d been born a couple of weeks apart, were fakes created by corrupt hospital staff. Horrifyingly, both girls had been stolen from their mother and sold by crooked doctors. As they investigated, they found that tens of thousands of children had been stolen from Georgian hospitals between 1950 and 2005. They also learned of a Facebook group that tries to reunite those children with their birth parents.

Happily, Amy and Ano found a girl in the group who said her mother had given birth to twin daughters in 2002 in the hospital where the reunited twins had been born, but doctors told her the babies had died. A DNA test confirmed the girl on Facebook was the twins’ sister, living in Germany with their mother. In late January, the twins flew to Leipzig to finally meet the mother they were stolen from 22 years ago — all thanks to a TikTok video.

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