Student Suspended for Hair to Be Sent to Alternative Education Program

( – A student who refuses to follow his high school’s dress code has managed to win special treatment. Darryl George wears his hair in dreadlocks, in violation of the rules. Now he, his family, and their lawyers have bullied the school into backing down.

Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, Texas, likes its students to look smart. The school district has a dress code that mandates well-groomed hair for all male students and specifies that it needs to be clean, natural-colored, and short enough that it won’t hang below the eyebrows, earlobes, and collar when let down. “Geometric or unusual patterns” are also prohibited.

It’s a clear and easy-to-follow code — but 18-year-old George still can’t manage to comply. Instead, he wears his hair in dreadlocks, which look like they’d be well past his collar if they weren’t bound to his scalp in what looks very much like “unusual patterns.”

The school, faced with this blatant breach of the rules, ordered George to get his hair cut. He didn’t. On August 31 they suspended him. When he returned to school on September 18 his hair was still in the same style, and predictably, the school suspended him again.

Unfortunately, George’s mother isn’t backing the school. In fact, Darresha George insists her son’s hair doesn’t break the rules and is complaining that the stool he has to sit on during his in-school suspension is uncomfortable. Instead of teaching her son to obey the rules, she’s filed a federal discrimination lawsuit and called in activists from the New Black Panther Nation.

Faced with this, the school has caved in. On October 12, the school said George would be allowed to return to normal classes on November 30, and until then he’ll be sent to an “alternative education program.” Sadly, he won’t learn the lesson that society only works if people follow the rules.

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