Pilot Awaiting Punishment for Flying Over Area 51

(RightWing.org) – A California man has attempted to unlock the secrets of the legendary Area 51, by flying over the air base in his private plane. Amazingly, he managed to do it without being intercepted. However, it seems the Air Force wasn’t amused and he’s now facing possible punishment.

A 70-year-old from California is waiting for a call from the US Air Force after he flew his private plane over the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), part of which is better known as Area 51. Nellis Air Force Base runs this highly classified area and the USAF is very tight-lipped about what it does there. Rumors go from the feasible — where the Air Force tests its latest aircraft and weapons — to the more outlandish — there’s a secret facility there with the wreck of a crashed alien ship and its dead (or captured) occupants.

According to a flight plan verified by the Daily Caller, the recent intruder flew straight across Area 51 from east to west, passing within a few miles of Groom Lake, which marks the center of the area. It’s usually impossible to do this without special permission from air traffic control, which he didn’t get. He claimed he made the unauthorized flight to test “frequencies” — presumably radio frequencies — inside the area, but took the chance to look around while he was there.

This might have been a disappointment because he says he saw no signs of alien ships or life forms. He also didn’t see any USAF interceptors coming to chase him out, but now expects the USAF to contact him, and believes his pilot’s license could be suspended as punishment.

Private planes do occasionally fly over Area 51, but that probably isn’t the Air Force’s biggest worry. In 2019 a Russian spy plane, operating over the US under the Open Skies treaty, flew over the secret test area — and the USAF didn’t object. Of course, that flight did have a treaty to back it up. A private pilot might not be so lucky.

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