Package Delivery Scams Target Busy Shoppers

( – Christmas is the busiest time of the year for retailers and delivery companies, with huge numbers of parcels making their way around the US. Shoppers are also busy, and it can be difficult to keep track of all the things you’ve ordered and when they’re due to arrive. Scammers are taking advantage of this in an attempt to steal credit card details.

Business experts are warning that, over the holiday season, scammers are using a range of tricks to rob people. One form of fraud that’s well suited to this time of year is exploiting the number of parcels being sent to trick recipients.

A typical example is where the scammer sends a text message announcing himself as a delivery driver trying to find your house, and asking you to call him. If you call the number, the scammer will try to persuade you to hand over personal information including your name and address. They might even ask for credit card information; if you give them that they can try to make purchases using your card, and otherwise they can use whatever information you give them for identity theft.

These scammers can be ingenious; if you’re not expecting any parcels that won’t deter them at this time of year. They’ll simply try to persuade you it’s a gift for you. According to the Better Business Bureau, they can also seem very professional, helping to persuade people that they are who they say they are.

There are other ways to trick people with text messages, too. Scammers might send a message asking you to pay a delivery fee or reschedule a delivery. If you click on the link they include, you’ll be taken to a replica of the delivery company’s site that might be extremely convincing — but it could either capture your personal information or even install malware on your device.

Avoid these scams by keeping track of your deliveries so you know what’s coming and when. Ignore unsolicited messages from delivery companies, and track packages through the company’s app instead. Finally, never give personal details to anyone who calls you. If you have any doubts hang up, find the company’s customer service number, and call that instead. Stick to these rules and you should be safe from scams.

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