Mother in Hot Water for Giving Teen a Gun

( – Texas police are investigating a shooting that left one teen dead and another wounded. The alleged shooter, who is also a teenager, was handed the gun by his mother during a confrontation. So far, it looks like all three teens were involved in drugs, and a deal escalated into a fight.

On April 17, a 19-year-old Houston man met two 16-year-olds, apparently to buy drugs. However, something went wrong with the deal, and the two boys assaulted him with brass knuckles and demanded he give them valuable items from his apartment. He did go to his apartment — but his mother met him at the door and handed him a gun.

The dispute continued, with the younger teens continuing to demand he hand over valuables. Allegedly they also threatened his mother. At that point he opened fire, killing one and shooting the other in the leg and abdomen.

After the shooting, the suspect ended up in hospital as a result of the beating he’d received. Police say he’s expected to survive, but the fact that’s even a question shows how badly he was beaten and, on the face of it, explains why he shot his assailants.

On the other hand, locals are unhappy with how the situation developed. One, who called 911 after the killing, said he wished people “would fight instead of shoot.” After all, the assailants were armed with brass knuckles. The 19-year-old could have simply closed the apartment door and called the police.

Why did his mother have to hand him a gun, which was likely to escalate the level of violence? And why did he have to continue the confrontation? The Houston Police Department’s Homicide Division is still investigating, and appealing for witnesses to try to find out exactly what happened. However, for people in that neighborhood, it’s just the latest in a series of violent incidents that, often, involve children.

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