Lunden Roberts Asks for Privacy as Hunter Bonds with Daughter Navy

( – There’s been a new twist in the ongoing story of Hunter Biden and the daughter he denied was his. It seems the president’s son is now trying to build a relationship with Navy Joan. That’s prompted the child’s mother, exotic dancer Lunden Roberts, to ask for privacy — and among other things, she wants to protect Hunter’s reputation, at least from her daughter’s point of view.

Writing in “The Daily Mail” on November 16, Roberts revealed that she and Hunter have finally come to an understanding after their long and bitter court fight over Navy Joan’s paternity. The 32-year-old Arkansas native got pregnant with Hunter’s fourth child while she was working at the Mpire strip club in Washington, DC. Hunter initially denied paternity, but that argument collapsed when he was forced to take a DNA test that proved he was the father.

In 2020, he agreed to pay Roberts $20,000 a month in child support — but last September he tried to reduce those payments, despite the success of his new career as a painter. Finally, in June, the pair reached a new agreement that saw Hunter give his daughter several paintings as well as a new, undisclosed, level of monthly payments.

Now Roberts says it’s time to speak out. She wrote that she seemed like the last person who would defend him, but that he’s been roughly handled by the media over the issue. She also pointed out that her daughter will soon be old enough to read the media and see what’s being said about her father.

Roberts said she “can’t comprehend” how Navy Joan will feel about all the things that have been said about Hunter, and added that she has “no desire to add to that.” She also revealed that she’s never seen Hunter as a deadbeat dad and that he’s now building a relationship with the daughter he once denied. She said that last summer, “We set aside our differences and came together for the sake of our adorable little girl.” That can’t have been easy for her, but it’s unlikely to win Hunter an easier ride from the media.

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