JK Rowling Dares Police to Arrest Her Over New Scottish Speech Law

(RightWing.org) – British author JK Rowling is best known as the writer of the seven-volume “Harry Potter” fantasy series. She has donated to Britain’s socialist-leaning Labour Party and usually aligns with liberal political positions. However, she’s publicly expressed her disdain for transgender people and related LGBTQ+ issues over the last several years. Rowling recently dared law enforcement officials to arrest her over her publicly expressed opinion about a new Scottish law involving free speech.

Rowling recently posted an 11-part thread on her X/Twitter account bashing Scotland’s Hate Crime Public Order Act, a piece of legislation passed in 2021 that didn’t go into effect until April 1. The new law criminalizes so-called “threatening and abusive” behavior intended to provoke hatred towards individuals based on their sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race, or transgender identity.

Rowlings posted photographs and short bios for several convicted female sex offenders and images of other controversial women. Toward the end of her April 1 thread, she wrote “April Fools” and advised her followers that none of the photos she posted were actually men.

Continuing, Rowling lashed out at the new hate crime legislation. She accused lawmakers of placing a “higher value on the feelings of men,” presenting their version of “femaleness” [a reference to transgender people] than on the “rights and freedoms” of actual females. She spent most of the remaining posts discussing various women’s issues and the lack of government interest in interceding on their behalf.

Rowling concluded her remarks by noting she was out of town at the moment. However, she explained that she looked “forward to being arrested” upon her “return to the birthplace of Scottish Enlightenment” if her thread “qualifies as an offense” under the new law.

The noted author also posted a brief statement on her website warning that the new Sottish law could pave the way for law enforcement officials to prosecute people who publicly or privately “pronounce” their belief that a person’s biological gender is “immutable and cannot be changed.”

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