Infowars Commentator Wants to Host Show From Inside Prison

( – A host on Infowars is trying to continue his media career in a situation where most people expect to be making license plates. Owen Shroyer is in jail for taking part in the 2021 Capitol riot, but he wants to host a radio show from inside a federal prison.

On January 6, 2021, Shroyer, the host of Infowars’ “The War Room,” was outside the Capitol to protest the disputed 2020 presidential election result. He never actually entered the building, but in August 2021 he was arrested and charged with leading chants that allegedly triggered disorder. Prosecutors also claimed that some of his fans did enter the Capitol, although it’s difficult to see how Shroyer is actually responsible for that.

In any case, he finally pleaded guilty to entering a restricted area, and on September 12 he was sentenced to 60 days in prison. He started that sentence at Louisiana’s Federal Correctional Institution Oakdale in late October.

Thanks to Oakdale’s pandemic-era quarantine rules, Shroyer spent the first week of his prison time in solitary confinement, but he’s now been released into the general population. Now that he can communicate, he’s been thanking his fans for their support and prayers. He went on to say that some other inmates have been helping him adjust to his current situation.

Shroyer also has an ambition for the rest of his time behind bars. He said he wants to “pull the impossible” and be able to broadcast his show from inside the prison. That sounds like it could be a hard one to achieve, but Oakdale is a low-security facility where inmates have more opportunities for work experience, so there’s an outside chance he might be able to swing it. But if he can’t, he’s looking forward to the day he can be back on air as a free man.

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