Bus Companies Keep Abandoning Pro-Israel Demonstrators

(RightWing.org) – Hundreds of Canadians were left stranded recently after a bus company reneged on a rental agreement. The worrying thing is the buses had been booked, and paid for, to take people to a pro-Israel demonstration. And it isn’t the first time this has happened.

On December 4, thousands of Canadian Jews traveled to Ottawa to hold a peaceful rally in support of Israel as the Jewish state faces continued war against Hamas terrorists. The UJA Federation of Greater Toronto hired more than 70 buses to take people to the event — but then hundreds of people were left waiting as 17 of those buses, all owned by one company, failed to appear.

The UJA managed to make alternative arrangements and got everyone to the rally, but in a strongly-worded statement it slammed the incident as anti-Semitic and “intended to disrupt our peaceful rally out of hatred toward Jews.” The bus company demanded full payment in advance, but now it’s ignoring all communications from the UJA.

A similar incident happened in Washington, DC recently. After a group of Jews flew from Detroit to Dulles International Airport on November 14, they were supposed to be taken by bus to the start of a march in the capital. However, not all the bus drivers showed up — and many people missed the march because they were stuck at the airport. In this case, the bus company was more cooperative but was forced to admit the problem was a “deliberate and malicious” walkout by some of its drivers. Despite this sabotage, around 290,000 people were able to get to the march, which remained peaceful and respectful.

Responding to the November walkout, David Kurzmann of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit said he was “deeply dismayed” by the “disgraceful” walkout. He went on to condemn anti-Semitism. Unfortunately, it seems hatred of Jews is still widespread, even in countries like the US and Canada.

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