Bill Gates Continues to Buy Up Huge Chunks of Land

( – For the last five years, Bill Gates has been the largest owner of farmland in the US. The thing is, he’s never been a farmer. He’s never hoed a row or milked a cow. So why does he want so much agricultural land? A new book says the clue lies in what he’s doing with it.

On November 14, journalists Seamus Bruner and Peter Schweizer published their new book, “Controligarchs.” The book’s theme is about the elite billionaire class that includes Gates, and it alleges — very persuasively — that they have a plan to force the rest of us to follow their agenda. One section of the book focuses on how Gates continues to buy up huge areas of farmland, and why.

According to Bruner and Schweizer, Gates is trying to take control of a large part of the US food supply. On the numbers alone he’s a long way short of that goal; so far he’s bought 268,984 acres of land, of which 242,000 acres are farmland and the rest multi-use — the US has 893.4 million acres of farmland. That makes Gates the proud owner of 0.03% of America’s agricultural land, which doesn’t seem like much of a threat. However, the authors point out that Gates is also investing heavily in fertilizers and fake meat. Again, this might not seem like a big deal. Sales of “plant-based” meat grew rapidly up to 2020, but they peaked the following year, and now the market is in trouble. Manufacturers are laying off staff as stock prices crash.

Gates isn’t just another veggie burger manufacturer, though; he’s deeply connected to the World Economic Forum, which has infiltrated its members into governments across the West. He could use that influence to promote his own products. Of course, that won’t do anything to save the planet, but it could be very good for Gates’s bank balance.

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