Basement Renovation Reaps Major Reward

( – Renovating an entire home is typically a big undertaking. It changes the space you spend much of your life in, and the time your home spends under construction can make life difficult and inconvenient — not to mention costly. However, two Ohio homeowners had some excitement while sprucing up their 40s-era home. In fact, he and his wife didn’t seem bothered at all by the process when they happened upon an unexpected treasure.

The owners were in the process of tearing down a wall and ceiling in the basement when the husband happened upon a tin box nestled between two beams. Before opening the container, he began documenting the discovery online, speculating about what might be inside. Was it rare baseball cards, jewels, or some other valuable item?

Once they opened the box, the couple discovered three stacks of $20, $50, and $100 bills, collectively worth over $20,000. Upon closer inspection, the fortunate DIY enthusiasts discovered the bills were all issued in the 1920s and 1930s, and that some bore special stamps and markings. Suspecting they might be worth more than their dollar values, the excited pair had the bills appraised.

The story doesn’t end there. After the man returned to work in his basement, he discovered a second tin box, heavier than the first. He waited for his wife to get home from work before opening it to discover another haul of banknotes. This one had an even bigger payout — $45,000!

The couple simply couldn’t believe their luck. They ultimately decided to put the money toward their home and continued on their renovation journey.

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