Undercover Troops Kill Militants in Hospital Raid

(RightWing.org) – The fighting between Israeli and Palestinian forces continues to intensify in the wake of Hamas’ unprecedented land, sea, and air attack on the Jewish State from the Gaza Strip in early October. A recent report indicates that the conflict has spread to armed groups operating independently from the Sunni Islamist terrorist group and expanded to include other portions of the wartorn region.

On January 30, the Palestinian Ministry of Health posted a brief statement on the organization’s Telegram account detailing the death of three individuals aligned with the Palestinian Authority at the hands of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in Jenin, a city located in the West Bank. According to that notice, IDF troops “stormed” the Ibn Sina Hospital and shot and “martyred” the three “young men.”

The BBC News reported that two of the slain Palestinians belonged to an armed group called the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Hamas reported that the third individual was one of its members.

The Guardian quickly confirmed the incident using closed-circuit television footage. The British news agency reported that an undercover counter-terrorism unit called the Shin Bet entered the hospital dressed as women and medics.

Those units reportedly worked their way to the medical facility’s third floor. Once they arrived, the undercover commandos shot the three men in the head using handguns fitted with silencers. Local media outlets reported that the attack only took roughly 10 minutes from start to finish.

The Palestinian Health Ministry condemned the attack and “urgently” pressed the United Nations General Assembly, international organizations, and human rights groups to “put an end” to the mounting incidents of “daily crimes” perpetrated against the Palestinian people in the occupied territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The statement alleged the IDF had previously committed dozens of attacks on medical centers and staff members. Continuing, the Health Ministry stressed that international law and treaties like the Geneva Convention provide protections for civilian sites, including hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

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