Trump Encourages Israel to “Finish Up” War

( – Former president Donald Trump has spoken out on Israel’s ongoing war against the Hamas terrorist group — and his comments won’t be causing celebrations in Jerusalem. Although Trump is a strong supporter of the Jewish state, he was severely critical of what’s been happening in Gaza. He wants the Israeli military to have a better media image, but it’s trying to fight a war.

On March 25, Israeli TV station Israel Hayom broadcast an interview with Trump that focused heavily on the war in Gaza. While he backed Israel’s right to hit back at Hamas after the October 7 atrocities that left over 1,200 Israelis dead and 250 more abducted, he also criticized the way the war has been carried out.

He encouraged the Jewish state to “get it done,” saying “You have to finish up your war.” That’s exactly what Israel wants to do; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has clearly said he plans to destroy Hamas’s terrorist capability and remove the group from power in Gaza. The problem is that the surviving Hamas gunmen are now concentrated in the southern city of Rafah — and Trump wants Israel to stop bombing buildings.

During the interview, Trump said Israel had “made a very big mistake,” and images of bombs hitting buildings were “a very bad picture.” When the interviewer pointed out terrorists were hiding in the buildings Trump gave a confused answer, saying “Do what you have to do. But you don’t do that.”

Israel believes it does have to do that because since Hamas seized power in Gaza in 2006 it’s been busy hiding its terrorist infrastructure among and under Gaza’s urban areas — in buildings. If Hamas are hiding in buildings Israel has only two choices; bomb the buildings, or don’t bomb them. Only one of those options will “get it done.”

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