Tlaib Blames Israel After Terrorist Attack

( – Israel awakened to the sound of air raid sirens after Hamas launched an invasion and rocket strike on the country in the early morning hours of October 6. Hundreds have died so far in the clash, and many remain unaccounted for, including Americans. The White House confirmed that at least 14 Americans were killed in the conflict, and others could be among the hostages taken into Gaza. On cue, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) quickly blamed the Israelis for the terrorist attack.

On October 8, Tlaib posted a fiery statement on her Instagram account, essentially blaming Israel and the United States for the violent attack waged by the militant Sunni-Islamist fundamentalist group against one of America’s strongest allies in the region.

The ultra-liberal “Squad” member started her rant innocently enough, writing about her grief over the loss of Israeli and Palestinian lives “today, and every day.” She also discussed the need for a future where “everyone can live in peace, without fear.”

However, Tlaib quickly pivoted and blamed Israel for the horrific attack, describing its governance as an “apartheid system.” She accused the Israelis of creating “suffocating [and] dehumanizing conditions” that led to the early morning assault. Continuing her long-winded rant, she called on Israel to lift the so-called blockade and occupation of Palestinian territory.

Turning her attention to the US, Tlaib blasted America’s “failure to recognize the reality” faced by Palestinians who are forced to live “under siege” at the hands of Israeli occupiers. She also renewed her accusation that the Knesset operates an apartheid government.

Tlaib concluded her remarks by calling on the Biden administration to abandon its support for Israel. “This heartbreaking cycle of violence will continue,” she wrote, “as long as [America] provides billions [of dollars] in unconditional funding” to Israel.

Tlaib’s inflammatory rhetoric caught the attention of Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY). He told Jewish Insider Capitol Hill reporter Marc Rod that statements questioning America’s long-standing Israeli policy were “reprehensible and repulsive.” He stressed the necessity of the country’s “unconditional” aid and called on his fellow lawmakers to “act decisively” to provide the war-torn country with whatever it needed to defend itself.

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