The Unlikely Place the Israeli Military is Getting Intelligence

( – As the military conflict between Israel and Hamas enters its seventh week, the fighting shows no sign of waning. If anything, the situation is getting worse. Amid this mounting crisis, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have turned to Gaza’s civilian population for intelligence on enemy activities.

On November 10, the Israel War Room posted a statement on its X/Twitter account advising that several Arabian media sources reported that thousands of Gazans were cooperating with IDF sources. The post explained that the civilians were providing vital intelligence information like the locations of Hamas-operated launch sites, armaments warehouses, tunnels, and gatherings of the Islamist terrorist group’s troops.

The online statement reported that the Gazans contacted the IDF after the Israelis distributed flyers offering “financial compensation and safety” for any information regarding the location of Israelis abducted by Hamas fighters. Citing unnamed sources, the Israel War Room said most of the Gazans supplying information to Israeli officials sought “safe passage” for themselves and family members instead of money.

The media organization concluded its statement by writing: “Al-Alam Al-Arabi.” Translated as “Arab pain,” the phrase refers to a song co-written by Egyptian-Belgian pop singer Natacha Atlas. Written in Arabic, the tune’s lyrics were inspired by religious and ethnic conflicts and calls for unity and peace between Middle Eastern Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

The Israel War Room’s post is unconfirmed but is consistent with earlier reports discussing the rising conflict between Gazans and Hamas. For example, on November 7, the IDF’s official X/Twitter account posted a statement accompanied by a short video claiming that “Hamas’ oppression” had started collapsing. The post also said civilians in Gaza had begun speaking out against the terrorist organization.

Likewise, Bassem Eid, a Palestinian peace activist and founder of a human rights monitoring organization in Jerusalem, posted a BBC News clip showing a grieving woman in Gaza blaming Hamas for the recent death of a loved one, calling members the “dogs of Hamas.” He pointed out that the IDF was “doing both the Israelis and Gazans a favor” by ridding the area of the deadly terrorist group.

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