Pence Urges Biden Administration to Sanction Iran

( – The dynamics of United States politics were hurled into chaos after the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas launched a land, air, and sea-based attack on Israel, one of America’s most important allies in the Middle East. Allegations quickly emerged, accusing the Iranian regime of helping to fund and organize the massive strikes. Former Vice President Mike Pence recently urged the Biden administration to sanction the rogue nation.

On October 11, the presidential hopeful sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Fox News “America Reports” hosts John Roberts and Sandra Smith. The conversation quickly turned to the ongoing military conflict between Israeli and Hamas forces.

Pence slammed the president, telling the hosts the Biden administration’s refusal to cancel its recent “$6 billion… ransom payment” was incomprehensible. He also lashed out at Democrats’ years-long policy of appeasement and “kowtowing” to Tehran and Iranian mullahs, a reference to Muslim clerics and leaders hostile to other religions.

Pence also called on the administration to ask for “snapback sanctions to further isolate Iran,” a reference to an obscure procedure invoked by the Obama administration as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA), otherwise known as the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Former President Barack Obama included a clause in that international agreement allowing the United States to unilaterally reimpose, or “snapback,” Iranian sanctions if Tehran failed to comply with the JCPA’s provisions.

The “answer” to the situation in Israel is a show of “American strength [and] a show of force in the region,” demonstrating America’s resolve to “stand by” the nation’s “most cherished ally,” Pence explained.

Pence concluded his remarks by bashing the president for holding Rose Garden press conferences “talking about something other than America’s role as the leader of the free world,” a reference to Biden’s earlier remarks to reporters about his administration’s recent actions to protect consumers from junk fees, those hidden charges attached to credit card bills.

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