Most of America Opposes a Ceasefire — Do You?

( – At the end of October, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a press conference with members of the foreign press to discuss the war with Hamas. He forcefully explained that the recent calls for a ceasefire were tantamount to a demand that Israel “surrender to terrorism…barbarism.” “That will not happen,” he forcefully proclaimed. The Israeli leader likened the call for him to stand down to demanding the United States agree to a ceasefire with Japan after its bombing raid on Pearl Harbor. A recent survey showed that most Americans agree with his position and oppose a ceasefire.

On November 8, Rasmussen Reports issued a press release detailing the results of its latest national poll of likely voters. Participants were asked if they agreed with Netanyahu’s previous declaration that he wouldn’t heed the call for a ceasefire. More than two-thirds of them answered affirmatively.

The poll asked participants to answer two additional questions regarding their impression of Netanyahu on a scale from “very favorable” to “very unfavorable” and whether they have more sympathy for Palestinians or Israelis. Twenty-eight percent said they have a “very favorable opinion” of the Israeli leader, and 26% viewed him “somewhat” favorably. Inversely, 15% viewed him “very” unfavorably, and 16% said they had a “somewhat unfavorable impression.”

Those scores reflected that 54% of the surveyed voters had a “mostly favorable” or better impression of Netanyahu versus 31% who viewed him somewhat unfavorably or worse. The remaining 15% of the participants said they weren’t sure.

Fifty-nine percent of the likely voters surveyed said they backed the Israelis. On the flipside, 18% said they favored the Palestinians. Curiously, the poll found that only 48% of the self-identified liberals, blacks, and Democrats chose Israel over Palestine.

Rasmussen surveyed 995 likely voters from October 31 to November 2. The poll has a +/- 3% margin of error.

What do you think? Do you agree with the participants’ opinion that Israel should hold its ground and ignore the calls for a ceasefire?

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