Migrants Frustrated Over Visa Delays

(RightWing.org) – Thousands of illegal migrants are heading through Mexico in a bid to get to the United States border. The group is complaining that Mexico hasn’t issued them transit visas that would allow them to pass through the country to get to the US. Now they’re making the trip anyway in the hope –- probably justified –- that if they can make it through Mexico, the Biden administration will let them cross the border.

On January 8, a “migrant caravan” of around 2,000 people, mostly from Central America and the Caribbean, formed up in southern Mexico and set out on foot for Tapanatepec, a town in southern Oaxaca province. Leader Luis Villagran says the group wants to enter the US and had hoped to get visas to let them travel through Mexico to the border.

The caravan first assembled last week but then dispersed to migrant processing centers to get visas. One migrant, Salvadorean citizen Rosa Vasquez, said they’d waited three days to speak to immigration officials, then applied for visas “with an agreement with our lawyer” –- but most of the visas weren’t granted.

The migrants claim they have no alternative but to illegally walk through Mexico and enter the US, but the fact they already have lawyers when they arrived in Mexico suggests this is a highly organized migration.

Unfortunately, the US response to it is a lot less organized. Last year saw a record number of attempted border crossings, and the pressure on the system is rising. The flow of migrants from South America into Central America, from where they head north to Mexico and ultimately here, doubled last year –- and the previous year’s numbers were already a record.

It’s clear that the Biden administration’s failure to control the border and its efforts to prevent states from doing it themselves are making this country irresistibly attractive to illegal immigrants.

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