Media Faces Backlash for Gaza Hospital Bombing Coverage

( – As Israel prepares the groundwork for an invasion of Gaza, Western liberals are screaming in outrage at the Jewish state’s airstrikes against Hamas terrorists. The latest talking point is a recent explosion at a Gaza hospital that caused mass casualties. Of course, the mainstream media instantly blamed Israel — but it’s now fairly certain they were wrong.

Around nightfall on October 17, there was a large explosion at Gaza’s Al-Ahli Hospital. The liberal media immediately started repeating claims coming out of Gaza’s Health Ministry, which said 80% of the hospital had been destroyed by an Israeli airstrike and up to 500 people had been killed. Predictably, this raised left-wing outrage at Israel to new heights.

There are just a few problems, though. Firstly, the Israeli Defense Forces denied responsibility and said the explosion was caused by a misfiring Palestinian rocket launched by Islamic Jihad. Then it turned out that whatever weapon was involved hadn’t actually hit the hospital; it exploded in the parking lot, and casualties were a lot lower than initial reports — according to a European intelligence officer, somewhere between ten and 50. Finally, Arab news network Al-Jazeera released a video that showed a Palestinian rocket launching, and then coming down near the hospital.

The media made a serious mistake — they forgot that the Gaza Health Ministry is controlled by Hamas, and reports what the terrorists tell it to. Now they’re facing a serious backlash.

The New York Times was quick to jump on the “hospital massacre” bandwagon. A week later, public anger at its sloppy reporting forced it to release an “editor’s note” admitting that early reporting “relied too heavily on claims by Hamas.” Britain’s BBC also uncritically repeated Hamas claims and was later forced to backtrack and release a more sophisticated analysis piece.

The question is, though, why are our media outlets so eager to believe Hamas — a banned terrorist organization? If they’re going to act as propagandists for terrorists, it’s no wonder nobody trusts them anymore.

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