Israel Proves Importance of Second Amendment

( – Israel is still counting the cost of the shocking attack by Hamas terrorists. So far the death toll is over 1,200 people, most of them shot dead in their homes by gunmen who went from door to door, killing everyone they found. This atrocity shows exactly why we need the Second Amendment.

On October 7, Hamas, the Islamist terror group that controls the Gaza Strip, broke through Israel’s border defenses and swarmed into towns and kibbutzes in southwest Israel. Gangs of terrorists swept through residential areas, shooting at anyone they saw and then systematically exterminating the residents in their homes. Whole families were slaughtered and an estimated 150 people were kidnapped and taken to Gaza as hostages. Hamas were able to do this because most of their victims were defenseless.

Israel used to have extremely strict gun laws, with the exception that soldiers could carry their service weapons when they were off duty. In 2018, the government relaxed the laws; now, anyone who’s passed advanced rifle training in the Israeli Defense Forces can apply for a private handgun license. Even so, most Israelis don’t own guns and the majority of those who do only have handguns.

The blunt truth is that, if you’re attacked by a group of terrorists with assault rifles, you don’t want to be armed with a handgun. Compared to rifles they’re inaccurate and anemic; if that’s all you have to rely on, you’re massively outgunned and you’re probably going to die.

On the other hand, a modern semiautomatic sporting rifle might not be capable of automatic fire like an assault rifle is, but most of the time automatic fire is a waste of ammunition. If a terrorist has an AK, and you have an AR-15, you can face him on pretty equal terms. Unfortunately, that isn’t an option Israeli civilians have. It is an option we have — at least for now.

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