Israel Claims Hamas Terrorists Are Surrendering and Sharing Intel

( – It looks like Israel’s military campaign against the Hamas terror group is starting to get results. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says terrorists aren’t just surrendering in growing numbers; they’re revealing useful intelligence, too. If Israel can keep the pressure on, Hamas could be facing a crushing defeat.

On December 9, over a hundred Hamas terrorists dropped their guns and surrendered to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in the north of the Gaza Strip. Video from the scene shows the detainees, stripped to their underwear to eliminate the risk of suicide bombings and preserve their clothes for forensic examination, being marched into captivity and transported away in the back of IDF trucks.

According to IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Danuel Hagari, many of the prisoners aren’t happy with their leadership. He said they’re telling their captors that Hamas’s top leadership, which is hiding underground in tunnels and bunkers, “does not care about the public in Gaza who are above ground.” Up to now, Hamas’s foot soldiers have been loyal and enthusiastic. If they’re complaining about their leaders that suggests the terror group has taken a real beating and morale is low.

Hagari also said many of the captives are passing on valuable intelligence to IDF interrogators. The more information Israel gets, the faster and more effectively it will be able to defeat what’s left of Hamas. When the enemy’s resistance starts to crack, the final collapse often gains speed very quickly. Hamas might not be at that point yet, but mass surrenders are a sign they’re getting closer to it.

If the Biden administration doesn’t pressure Israel into agreeing another ceasefire, which would give Hamas time to recover, there’s a real possibility of a prisoner revealing where leader Yahya Sinwar is hiding — and the IDF is determined to kill or capture him. Netanyahu is publicly telling Hamas “It’s over. Don’t die for Sinwar. Surrender – now!” If enough Hamas members take his advice, Sinwar is going to be a very lonely man.

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