Israel Blames Palestinian Terrorists for New Ramming Attack

( – At least one Israeli is dead and more than a dozen others injured after two men went on a rampage. Police say it was a deliberate attack carried out by Palestinian terrorists. The suspects have been arrested, but one of their victims has now died.

On January 15, at least 18 people were wounded in a terrorist attack in the central Israeli city of Raanana. The victims were assaulted in several different locations, immediately raising suspicions this was an organized terrorist operation. Some were run down by cars, while others were stabbed.

Police now say two men committed the attacks, using a total of three stolen vehicles, and they’ve both been arrested. The suspects are both Palestinians, who are apparently related to each other, from the West Bank city of Hebron. According to police, they entered Israel illegally from the Palestinian-controlled West Bank.

In a statement after the attacks, Meir Hospital said one woman who had been brought in with critical injuries had died there despite the efforts of medics. According to media reports she was 70 years old and was stabbed early in the attack; her assailant then stole her car and used it in the atrocity. The terrorist group Hamas later claimed responsibility for the attack, calling the perpetrators “heroes of the Palestinian people.”

Ramming with cars is a common tactic for Palestinian terrorists. Last July seven people were injured by ramming in Tel Aviv before the attacker was shot dead. Last April, a Palestinian man drove into a Jerusalem marketplace, injuring five before being shot. It’s an effective tactic because it terrorizes civilians without requiring actual weapons that could be intercepted by Israeli security forces.

Along with stabbings, car rammings are one of the most common causes of Israeli civilian casualties — and the threat is a constant worry for civilians. Unfortunately, this likely won’t be the last time Palestinians use cars to injure or kill innocent people.

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