House to Investigate Response to CCP “Shadow War”

( – The powerful House Oversight Committee believes China is fighting a “shadow war” against the US using methods that include buying influence in our economy and colleges. It’s now trying to find out exactly what federal agencies are doing about this threat. Committee chairman James Comer (R-KY) fears there’s no coherent strategy to counter China’s activities.

On March 14, Comer announced that his committee has launched an investigation, covering the whole federal government, into how the administration is responding to China’s “ongoing efforts to target, influence and infiltrate every sector and community in the United States.” In his statement, he said the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is “waging war” against the US “Without firing a single bullet.”

The concept of a “shadow war” is where one state tries to harm or undermine another without taking any overt aggressive action, such as sanctions or military force. It’s been used to refer to Israel’s efforts to slow or stop Iran’s illegal nuclear weapons program, and it’s also a good fit for China’s behavior towards the US. While the CCP regime avoids open conflict, or even direct economic pressure, it constantly works to gain influence. Chinese organizations spend huge sums lobbying, as well as giving generous funding — with strings attached — to US colleges and advocacy groups.

Comer says China’s behavior is a threat to all Americans, and he wants to make sure our government is doing everything it can to protect us. His committee has now written to nine federal agencies, asking them exactly what they’re doing to counter Chinese “political and economic warfare” against the US. He wants all those agencies to brief the Oversight Committee by March 20 — and he’s worried about what they’re going to say.

Comer knows many agencies are trying to protect against Chinese activities he’s not so sure the federal government has an overall strategy. Now, he hopes, he’ll find out.

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