France Makes Major Changes to Weapons Production Timeline

( – Time is of the essence during periods of military conflict, and the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war is no exception. Civilians and soldiers alike are losing their lives nearly every day.

Washington lawmakers are currently debating various issues surrounding the authorization of additional assistance to Ukraine. At the same time, Biden administration officials are working with European allies to provide continuing and long-term support to Ukrainian defense forces.

For instance, a new report revealed that France made some significant changes to its production of weapons of war, increasing the odds that Ukraine will have access to greatly needed military hardware.

France Accelerates Weapons Production Timeline

On January 18, the noted French daily Le Monde published a report detailing the country’s latest efforts to provide material support to Ukraine. Earlier that day, France announced the creation of a new coalition to organize long-term artillery support for the wartorn nation after a meeting with representatives of 23 countries.

France and the United States will spearhead that new coalition. French Defense Minister S├ębastien Lecornu said the newly formed group would help Ukrainian forces build an artillery defense system “suitable for the needs of [its] counteroffensive […] in both the short and long term.”

Lecornu also announced that the Nextar Company, a French manufacturer, accelerated the product rates of Caesar self-propelled 155 mm howitzers. As a result, the company would be able to provide a total of 78 of the artillery systems to Ukraine by the end of the year. The defense minister also confirmed that France would start sending Ukraine 3,000 155mm shells per month, an increase from last year’s rate of 1,000.

Breitbart News reported that in the past, it took up to 30 months for Nextar to manufacture a Caesar weapon system. That figure has been cut in half under the new accelerated program.

Having access to an adequate supply of artillery cannons and ammunition plays a vital role in Ukraine’s ability to hold the front line against Russian invaders. A typical 155mm artillery round has an effective range of about 15 miles, providing good long-range support. However, a new type of round product by BAE Systems hit a target nearly 70 miles away during a December 2022 test conducted at New Mexico’s White Sands Missile Range.

Raytheon is working on another 155mm shell with a maximum effective range of roughly 24 miles. Both the BAE Systems and Raytheon shells are capable of hitting moving targets. Additionally, BAE’s shells are equipped with electronic warfare defenses capable of countering Russian GPS jamming efforts.

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