Derkach Predicts Biden’s Critics Are in Danger

( – A former Ukrainian politician has warned that critics of President Biden could be in danger from a “united criminal group.” Andrii Derkach is a longtime critic of Biden himself and has revealed incriminating information about the president’s links with corrupt Ukrainian businesses. He’s paid a high price for his investigations –- and been linked to several controversies.

In 2019, Derkach, who at the time was a member of Ukraine’s parliament, released evidence that President Biden had been part of an international money-laundering scheme involving the Ukrainian business Burisma Holdings. The president’s son, Hunter Biden, sat on Burisma’s board from 2014 to 2019 and received large payments from the company.

2014 was also the year the UK’s Serious Fraud Office launched an investigation into Burisma, which was followed by 15 investigations carried out by Ukraine; the company was found to have committed tax evasion. After his revelations about Biden, Derkach was accused of having interfered with Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign on behalf of Russia. He’s now sanctioned by the US Treasury. Meanwhile, he was stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship after being accused of being a “pro-Russian propagandist.”

Derkach has been quiet for a couple of years, but now he’s re-emerged. On January 11, US journalist Simona Mangiante released a video of an interview she’d carried out with him, and he made some startling allegations. He warned that people who spoke “aloud about Biden’s corruption in Ukraine are in danger of physical elimination.” Derkach himself has been targeted by Ukrainian agents but has survived so far.

It’s worth noting that Derkach does have a controversial background. His father was a KGB general who, after independence, became head of Ukraine’s security services –- but was fired in 2001 for organizing the murder of a journalist. Derkach himself is a graduate of the Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the KGB and a former –- or perhaps current –- officer of the Russian state security service, the FSB. There’s a possibility his allegations against Biden are Russian disinformation. However, the only way to know for sure is to investigate them thoroughly, and senior Democrats seem determined to stop that happening.

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