DEI Officer Publishes “Diversity Hit List”

( – A new controversy has erupted over the influence of “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity” (DEI) in our universities, after a DEI officer at Johns Hopkins sent out a list of everyone who, in the ideology’s warped view of the world, is guilty of having “privilege.” It’s a very long list, and effectively turns most of the American population into enemies of the DEI industry. Frighteningly, this divisive ideology has now thoroughly penetrated our schools and universities — and a whole generation is being taught it.

Sherita Hill Golden is the Chief Diversity Officer at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Her job is to make sure that as well as teaching students useful things, the school also indoctrinates them in far-left woke dogma. Recently she gave a terrifying example of how she thinks when she sent out an online newsletter naming “Privilege” as the “Diversity Word of the Month” and explaining what it means according to the rules of DEI.

According to Golden, “Privilege” is “a set of unearned benefits given to people who are in a specific social group.” After condemning privilege she went on to list the people who have it, and it turns out to be almost all Americans. White people head the list, of course, but Golden also denounced able-bodied, heterosexual and “cisgender” people, as well as men, Christians, “middle or owning class,” the middle-aged and English speakers. As English is the de facto language of the US, that means almost everyone in the country belongs to what Golden condemns as a “dominant group.” That raises an interesting question — who is there left for us to dominate?

The absurdity of Golden’s claims was highlighted by one user on X (formerly Twitter,” who pointed out that “Black female Chief Diversity Officers are more privileged” than almost everyone she put on her list. After all, she can say what she likes without facing any consequences for it, thanks to the one privilege she left off the list — her own.

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