China Takes Jab at US After Fatal Osprey Accident

( – Last month, a US Air Force aircraft crashed off the Japanese coast, killing its occupants. Now, China’s communist regime is exploiting the tragic accident to attack the US. A communist official accused America of being a “source of insecurity.”

On November 29, a CV-22B Osprey from a USAF special operations squadron crashed off the Japanese coast while flying between the mainland and a US Marine Corps base on Okinawa. All of the eight people on board died in the crash, which seems to have been caused by a mechanical failure.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the aircraft engulfed in flames and flying upside down shortly before it exploded and fell into the sea. The Osprey is an advanced and versatile aircraft, but it also has a controversial safety record, probably linked to the cutting-edge technology it uses. Now, China has decided to exploit that safety record in an attempt to discredit the US.

On December 5, Wang Wenbin, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, accused the US military of acting “unscrupulously” and claimed that America is now causing insecurity for its allies. It’s not quite clear how an aircraft crashing off the coast of a US ally is causing insecurity, considering that it was operating with permission between bases located in Japan and Okinawa.

Japan’s Coast Guard led the rescue operation for the Osprey’s crew, and Japanese fishermen willingly took part in it, recovering several of the dead. Japan is America’s friend and collaborates closely on defense –- and the threat Japan wants to defend against is China.

Currently, China is trying to claim the Senkaku Islands, part of Okinawa Prefecture. The only source of insecurity Japan is facing right now is China and its aggressive campaign of territorial claims and military harassment in the South China Sea. However, for the communists, it’s always easier to blame the US than to look in the mirror.

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