Biden Tells Israel the US Will Not Join Response to Iran

( – For years Iran has used its proxies — terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah — to attack Israel. Last weekend, the Tehran regime upped the stakes dramatically, launching a massive drone and missile bombardment against the Jewish state. A remarkable international coalition, including US forces, rallied to Israel’s defense and blunted the attack. Now, however, the Biden administration has warned Israel that if it retaliates, it’s on its own.

Late on April 13, Iran fired more than 300 weapons at targets all over Israel. The attack included both cruise and ballistic missiles as well as one-way attack drones. Iran seems to have been trying to overwhelm Israel’s Arrow and Iron Dome defense systems by throwing in too many weapons to intercept.

However, in a massive blow to the ayatollahs’ plans, Israel’s allies joined in and shot down scores of missiles and drones before they even came within reach of Israel’s defenses. US, British, and French fighter planes hunted down drones and cruise missiles. US Navy destroyers shot down several with their Standard missile systems, and a US Patriot battery in Iraq killed a ballistic missile.

Jordanian defenses shot down at least one Iranian missile, while the Arab nation also allowed US and Israeli jets into its airspace. Israeli media is reporting that even Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates helped out, either by passing on intelligence about the Iranian attack or maybe even intercepting weapons themselves. In the end, only five Iranian warheads made it to Israel, causing minor damage to one airbase.

Now Israel is planning to retaliate against Iran, teaching the rogue state that it can’t get away with this level of aggression. However, the Biden administration is now calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to show “restraint.”

An official says Biden told the Israeli premier to “think very carefully and strategically” before shooting back, and warned that while the US will continue to help Israel defend itself, it won’t support any retaliation. That’s probably an attempt to make Israel hold back –- but the Jewish state, and the entire free world, may decide that it can’t afford to let an attack like this pass unchallenged.

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