Zelenskyy Believes US Will Offer $61 Billion in Additional Aid

(RightWing.org) – President Joe Biden and his Democratic accomplices in the House and Senate have been attempting to force a $110.5 billion foreign aid package onto American taxpayers. Stunningly, $61 billion of the package is allocated to Ukraine.

However, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) recently defected and joined all Republican senators to shoot down the president’s bill, 51 to 49. Had Biden’s rival for the 2020 Democratic nomination remained faithful to his liberal comrades, Vice President Kamala Harris could have cast the tie-breaking vote.

Amid this partisan wrangling, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy took time from his busy schedule as a so-called wartime president to visit Washington, DC, and beg for money. The best he could do before his hurried departure for the second Ukraine-Northern European Summit was squeeze a paltry $200 million in discretionary defense funds, thanks to Biden’s willingness to shirk his constitutionally mandated responsibilities regarding national defense.

Nevertheless, Zelenskyy exuded optimism that he would successfully pick American taxpayers’ pockets during a recent White House presser.

Zelenskyy Believes the US Will Provide an Additional $61 Billion in Aid

Presidents Biden and Zelenskyy held a joint press conference shortly after their December 12 meeting. Both men appeared optimistic. Biden announced his approval of that $200 million in aid to Ukraine. Zelenskyy thanked him. And Biden stressed the need for “supplemental funding” for the war-torn country and warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “banking” on the US “failing to deliver for Ukraine.”

Zelenskyy took a few questions from reporters. Although he didn’t specifically cite the $61 billion in additional aid, he indicated that he believed the US would eventually offer that money.

The Ukrainian president told reporters that he had visited with lawmakers from both parties. He claimed that “Democrats and Republicans” offered him their “full-fledged support.” Continuing, Zelenskyy said Ukrainians have “always been trusting in [the] support of [its] strategic partner, the United States.” He also indicated that moving forward, Ukraine would assume that the US would “continue in this way.”

Biden Admits Having Some Doubts About Ukrainian Aid Package

Curiously, Biden didn’t show the same enthusiasm regarding the success of his ability to force through the massive Ukrainian aid package. When asked about the foreign aid package, the president appeared to hedge his bets.

Biden claimed only “a small number of Republicans who don’t want to support Ukraine.” Yet, he admitted that both sides were still negotiating the possibility of providing additional funds to Ukraine, implying that it’s more than just a few GOP lawmakers pushing back against the measure.

Perhaps most telling, Biden made it clear that he wasn’t making any promises. “Not — not making promises, but hopeful we can get there” with negotiations, he said.

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