Young Progressives Band Together Against Biden

( – President Biden is struggling in the polls against his Republican rival Donald Trump. As if that isn’t bad enough for his re-election chances, he’s coming under growing pressure from the Left as well. Young “progressives” are trying to force Biden to change his policies on the Gaza war.

Since Hamas launched its terrorist massacre on October 7, President Biden has been under pressure from his party’s left wing to reduce US support for Israel. On February 27, over 100,000 Michigan Democrats chose “uncommitted” over Biden in the state’s presidential primary. That problem spread on March 5 — Super Tuesday — with more voters choosing non-committed options as a protest vote. In response, Biden changed his tone to be more critical of Israel’s military response to the Hamas atrocities, but the protest seems to be gathering momentum. Now it’s affected a key swing state.

On April 2, voters in Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Rhode Island registered their choices for the Democrat nominee. In Rhode Island 14.9% chose “Uncommitted”; in Connecticut, it was 11.5%. Wisconsin had the lowest protest vote, with 8.4% choosing “Uninstructed,” but the difference is Wisconsin is critical to Biden’s re-election hopes. In 2020, the state’s electoral college votes pushed him over the finish line, and if he loses them now that will be a huge boost for Trump.

Biden’s problem is that young activists on the “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party are working together to oppose him. Many of the leaders are Arab-American or other Muslims, including Palestinians like Listen To Wisconsin spokeswoman Halah Ahmad, who says she voted for Biden in 2020 but feels “really betrayed.”

The campaign is making a difference. In 2020, Wisconsin had 3,590 Uninstructed votes; this year there were at least 47,846. Last time Biden won the state by 20,682 votes — but he can’t count on that happening again.

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