Trump’s Classified Docs Case Postponed Indefinitely

( – Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly called the federal and state cases against him election interference. He believes the only reason prosecutors charged him was to hurt his chances of being reelected. The presumptive Republican nominee has likened President Joe Biden’s administration to the Gestapo, the secret Nazi police in World War II, because of it.

The former president’s legal teams have tried to delay the federal trials against him. They want them to take place after the November election. That strategy appears to be working.

Classified Document Case Postponed

Special Counsel Jack Smith charged Trump with dozens of crimes for allegedly mishandling classified documents after he left office. The case is before US District Judge Aileen Cannon, an appointee of the former president, in Florida.

On May 7, Cannon issued a ruling moving the trial date for the case. It was originally supposed to take place in late May, but the writing has been on the wall for weeks that it was not going to happen. According to the judge, there are too many pre-trial motions that she needs to rule on before she can set a new trial date. For that reason, she doesn’t know when the trial will take place.

Cannon set dates for multiple pre-trial motions in the coming weeks. The judge wrote that the new timetable is “consistent with [Trump’s] right to due process and the public’s interest in the fair and efficient administration of justice.”

On June 21, Cannon will hear a motion from the Trump legal team asking for the case to be dropped because Smith was allegedly improperly appointed. Another deadline for a Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA) related issue was also moved from May 9 to June 17. The former president’s attorney, Todd Blanche, asked for the delay until after the Manhattan criminal trial against Trump wraps up. Blanche said he needed time to sit with Trump in a secure facility (SCIF) to review classified documents.

Good News for Trump?

Experts believe Cannon’s delay means the trial won’t happen before the November election. Brian Greer, a former CIA lawyer, told The New York Times, it’s “extraordinarily unlikely there will be a trial before November.”

That could be a win for Trump because he’s currently leading President Biden in the polls. If the former president wins another term, he could appoint a new attorney general who throws out the cases against him. Even if the new attorney general didn’t throw out the cases, the Department of Justice wouldn’t prosecute a sitting president.

The other federal case against Trump is also on hold pending a decision by the US Supreme Court about whether presidents are immune from being prosecuted if they commit crimes while in office.

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