Trump Warns GOP: Win Elections First, Prioritize Ideology Second

( – Former president and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has called on Conservatives to reduce the heat in the abortion debate and remove a weapon from the Democrats’ hands. At the same time, he gently warned his own party about the dangers of putting ideological purity ahead of winning elections.

On May 1, Trump held a rally in Freeland, Michigan. He focused on the importance of being elected, as well as discussing the thorny issue of abortion. He told his audience that as a politician “you have to fight for what’s in your heart” — but warned, “remember, you also have to get elected.” He went on to point out that whatever you believe, if you don’t actually win the election you can’t put any of your beliefs into practice.

Discussing the historic reversal of the 1973 Roe v Wade decision, Trump reminded the audience that the step had only been possible because he’d appointed three justices to the Supreme Court. He said decisions on abortion laws should be made at the state level, even though “Some people will be happy… some people won’t be quite as happy.” He also explained that many Democrats have extremely radical positions on abortion, even wanting to allow it up to birth, and said “We had to take the radicalism out” of the issue.

Trump went on to talk about the other challenges facing the US, including election integrity. He said his goal is to go back to paper ballots and voting on election day, with voters required to show ID and prove citizenship. He also promised to defend the Second Amendment and free speech.

One of the challenges facing Trump is that he’s required to be in court in New York every weekday except Wednesdays, which cuts down his campaigning opportunities. He’s also been unlucky with the weather, having to cancel a recent rally in North Carolina after a storm warning. He did manage to get to Michigan, though — and it could be a vital state. Trump won it in 2016, but the state flipped to Biden at the last election. If he can regain it this year, that will be a big boost to his White House hopes.

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