Trump Support Erupts with Broadening Point Advantage

( – There’s now less than a year to go until the next presidential election, and the polls will likely be giving President Joe Biden some sleepless nights. With his likely Republican challenger still tied up with legal battles, the president should be looking at a large and growing lead in the polls. Instead, former President Donald Trump has been running neck and neck with him. Now, a gap has opened — in Trump’s favor.

On December 14, polling organization Rasmussen released the latest numbers for the 2024 presidential race. In November, Rasmussen’s survey showed Biden at 46%, with an uncomfortably narrow 4% lead over Trump. Now, the president’s support has slumped dramatically; if the election took place tomorrow, according to the recent survey, just 38% would vote for Biden, while the former president would attract 48% of voters. That gives Trump a double-digit lead, a psychologically significant marker.

If third-party candidates are introduced to the mix, Trump’s lead falls, but nowhere near enough to save Biden. Rasmussen found that 16% of voters opted for independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr, 32% for Biden, and 40% for Trump. That’s a significant increase for Kennedy, but his new supporters mostly seem to have come from Biden; he hasn’t had much of an impact on Trump’s support. Either way you look at it, Trump is now a lot more popular among likely voters than the president is.

So what’s gone wrong for Biden? It looks like many of the groups who backed him in 2020 have now realized their error. Among younger voters, he’s losing to Trump. Among women, he’s losing to Trump. Among independents, he’s losing very badly to Trump — the likely Republican nominee is beating him by 53% to 30% in this category. Voters have now had almost three years to watch Biden doing the job, and it seems they don’t like what they’re seeing.

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