Trump Posts Bond and Then Goes On Attack

( – Former President Donald Trump has several qualities that the political Left and the “never-Trump” cabal on the right-hand side of the spectrum find extremely annoying, most likely because he threatens to upset their applecart of spending decades in the halls of Congress. Amongst those, his brash — many of them would say belligerent or uncouth — way of speaking (including his social media posts) ranks near the top, and a recent dressing-down of certain elected officials in New York State will be sure to scorch a few feathers.

Here Ya Go, Now Choke On It

New York Attorney General (AG) Leticia James (D) filed an 873-page civil complaint against the ex-president and a lengthy list of codefendants that alleged the group engaged in a years-long effort to fraudulently inflate his net worth to secure loans from banks.

A bench “trial” was held before Judge Arthur Engoron who declared the group guilty and issued a judgment of $355 million plus interest of $112,000 per day against Trump. He was able to post a $175 million bond as security against the outrageous sum while he appeals the ruling.

The once and hopeful future POTUS took to his Truth Social feed and left absolutely no doubt about his feelings as he BLASTED James, Engoron, and the Liberal Agenda in general. He alleged that “a Corrupt Judge and Attorney General” misused a statute to accuse him of fraud that never existed because the paperwork included all the necessary and industry-standard caveats about property valuation.

Trump went on to say that Engoron should be disbarred while James should be impeached for conspiring in an “election interference con job” with the intent of tying up vast amounts of money that cannot be used in the 2022 rematch between him and “Crooked” President Joe Biden. He opined that this was a sham trial because “no Jury was allowed” and the judge had decided his guilt long beforehand which if true, as he obviously believes it is, would be a huge case of judicial misconduct.

When filing the original paperwork, James indicated that the case was one that allowed the state to hold the trial without a jury. Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, also made no formal request for a panel in her answer to the lawsuit, which caused numerous Left-wing pundits to mock her statements saying that this was an unfair tactic.

Among the many things that Liberal commentators tend to ignore in their histrionics when it comes to all things Trump was Engoron’s public statements before the trial began saying he would have ruled against any motion that Habba may have filed to impanel a jury. Both James and the judge used some legal and verbal gymnastics to justify their position, but because some of the accusations include violations of penal/criminal law, one avenue that the expected appeal could take is the absolute right to a jury trial in those cases as guaranteed by both the United States and the New York State Constitutions.

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