Trump May Face Even More Indictments

( – Former President Donald Trump is facing criminal charges related to the 2020 presidential election in Fulton County Georgia and New York County (Manhattan), both of which have been alleged to be politically motivated “witch hunts” by his team and conservative pundits.

Now, two more states are in the process of indicting a dozen or more people that officials say tried to subvert the Electoral College process, and considering the dark money that funded their election campaigns just as they did Big Apple District Attorney Alvin Bragg, it is highly unlikely that the proceedings will be any less politicized.


Attorney General (AG) Kristin “Kris” Mayes secured a nine-count indictment in Maricopa County (Phoenix) against 18 individuals — 11 named and seven whose identities have been redacted — that alleges they were all co-conspirators in a plot to replace the state’s duly appointed electors. It all centers around a purported attempt to prevent “the lawful transfer of the presidency of the United States, keeping President Donald J. Trump in office against the will of Arizona voters.”

The indictment also includes several “unindicted coconspirators” as the only official designation as to their identity, but the context in which the term is used (whether intentional or not) makes it clear who the person is in some cases. For example, one accusation reads that it was their intent “to keep Unindicted Coconspirator 1 in office,” which obviously means Trump because he was the current POTUS. Many in the media believe that his status will change to that of a defendant in the near future.

One donation to Mayes’s successful campaign to win her position as Arizona AG was listed as $5,300 from Cheryl Najafi, wife of the Iranian-born billionaire co-owner of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and allegedly deep-pocketed dark money Democrat/Liberal benefactor. An article published on the website Open Secrets on January 29, 2019, claims that the couple could be experts at the shell game of building dummy corporations to move huge amounts of cash to candidates and PACs that will advance a Leftist Agenda.


In the state capital of Lansing, District Court Judge Kristin Simmons, who campaigned as a Democrat, is holding several hearings to determine if prosecutors have sufficient evidence to move the case against 16 individuals to trial. Special Agent Howard Shock of the Michigan Attorney General’s office is the one who filed the charges of eight different counts against them including fraud, conspiracy, and election law violations. Should they be convicted on all of them, they could face up to 85 years in prison.

Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) is not a fan of Trump and his associates and her campaign accepted donations from groups affiliated with the 1630 Fund. According to the watchdog site InfluenceWatch (IW), they and their parent organization Arabella Advisors have been described as dark money sources that intentionally hide their donor lists by the Left-leaning New York Times, Washington Post, and POLITICO.

A cynic might say that if these Democrats were able to recognize irony, they should at least harbor a morsel of shame for attacking Trump and his allies for breaking election laws while they win their offices through sketchy donations — as well as their complicity in trying to influence the results of the upcoming election.

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