Trump Jr. Has Fiery Response to Father’s Conviction

( – On May 30, a Manhattan jury delivered their historic verdict after deliberating roughly 10 hours in the People of the State of New York v. Donald J. Trump. The 12 jurors from a district Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton won by a margin of 86.7% to 12.3% and 86.6% to 10.0% found him guilty of all 34 counts. As one might expect, the president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., had much to say about the panel’s decision.

“Such bull****,” Donald Jr. posted on his Truth Social account, followed by another post telling his 3.61 million followers that the Democrats finally succeeded in turning America into a “third-world s***hole” after targeting his father for years. He also advised that Americans’ last opportunity to save the country from ruin was the November presidential election.

A few minutes later, Don Jr. posted another statement on Truth Social, noting that Justice Juan Merchan, the judge overseeing Trump’s New York trial, scheduled his father’s sentencing hearing four days before the Republican National Convention. “They’re not even trying to hide [their] ELECTION INTERFERENCE,” he concluded, using all capital letters to emphasize Democrats’ efforts to steal the November election.

The following day, Don Jr. posted a statement reminding his followers that his father was the only person “standing between us and the deranged lunatics” who wanted to hurt America. He also asked for their help by signing an official petition created by the Republican National Congressional Congress (NRCC) demanding that officials drop all the charges currently leveled against his father.

The NRCC webpage promoting the petition explained that the pending criminal prosecutions were “nothing but a corrupt witch hunt” designed for the “sole purpose” of interfering in the upcoming presidential election. The petition cautioned the Democrats were “deranged” and warned that if they “can attack” a former president “like this, they can do the same [thing] to you.”

Donald Jr. didn’t focus all his remarks on Democrats. He also presented a message of hope for his father’s supporters. For instance, he posted a statement noting that “Biden’s corrupt lawfare” won’t work. “This November, we will Make America Great Again!”

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