Trump Jr. Floats Idea of Alex Jones as Press Secretary

( – The 2024 presidential election might be 10 months away, but former President Donald Trump, his inner circle, and family members have enthusiastically started planning his triumphant return to the Oval Office for a second term. His oldest son, Don Jr., recently floated the possibility of having controversial alt-right radio host Alex Jones serve in his father’s new administration as White House press secretary.

The former president’s son discussed potential people to serve in his father’s cabinet during a December 28 airing of his “Triggered with Don Jr.” podcast. Naturally, the conversation turned to ways to push back against leftist propagandists spewing fake news on mainstream media outlets. He suggested having far-right conservative activist and internet personality Laura Loomer serve as press secretary for a month.

Then, Don Jr. suggested his father could have Jones serve for a month. Referring to mainstream media hacks, he said his father could appoint Jones “just to put these idiots in their place.”

Continuing, Don Jr. predicted that leftists would trash him over raising the possibility of bringing Jones to serve in his father’s administration. Yet, he dug his heels into the idea of turning the tables on media outlets and putting them on the defensive.

Turning his attention to Jones again, Don Jr. readily conceded that Jones, a noted conspiracy theorist, hadn’t always gotten everything right. However, he emphasized that Jones would serve as a fitting counterpoint to mainstream media propagandists. He also enthusiastically proclaimed that Jones was correct more often than traditional news sources when reporting “on the vast majority of things [happening] out there.”

One of Don Jr.’s guests interjected, suggesting he run for president with Jones on the ticket as his running mate. “Don Jr. [and] Alex Jones,” he quipped. “Oh boy […] it would be fun.”

The following day, Jones responded to Don Jr.’s suggestion. He posted a short statement on his recently restored X/Twitter account. Noting that the proposition of serving as White House press secretary sounded “like a lot of fun,” he “officially” accepted the offer. Jones concluded his remarks by saying he looked forward to the prospect of “fighting fake news from the White House.”

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