Trump Issues Apology After Forced Cancellation of Rally

( – Former president Donald Trump has apologized to supporters after he was forced to cancel a campaign rally. The planned South Carolina event had to be axed after weather forecasters warned of possible storms. Trump doesn’t want to disappoint people, though, and he’s already promising to reschedule as soon as he can.

Trump was due to hold a rally in Wilmington, South Carolina, on April 20. The solidly red state is important for his hopes of re-election. The former president, who planned to take time away from his ongoing Manhattan fraud trial to attend the event, should have been on stage at Wilmington’s Aero Center at 7 p.m. However, less than an hour before his planned appearance, Trump contacted organizers and supporters to say he would be flying in from North Carolina in a few minutes but, because of weather warnings, the event would be canceled.

Just before 6 p.m. on Saturday, the National Weather Service in Wilmington released a severe thunderstorm warning for the Cape Fear region, with predicted winds of up to 60 mph. Apologizing for the change of plan, Trump said he was “devastated” but added, “I think we’re going to have to just do a rain check.” However, he promised to “very quickly” make it up to the people of South Carolina, saying he’d plan a new “bigger and better” event in the near future.

Supporters who’d already arrived for the rally were disappointed, but still backing Trump. One North Carolina woman who’d flown down to see him slammed the New York trial, calling it politicized and frivolous. Another said that if the trial ends badly for him it could actually increase his support by highlighting that the government is corrupt and biased against conservatives. In the meantime, South Carolinians will be waiting to learn when Trump will return to their state.

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