Trump Considering Elon Musk Role in White House

( – A jury might have convicted former President Donald Trump in his controversial New York business fraud trial, but that doesn’t seem to have dented his faith in electoral victory this November. Sources close to the presumptive Republican nominee say he’s considering offering tech entrepreneur Elon Musk a job as a White House advisor if he wins. It’s a sign of how the two men have settled previous differences.

Musk and Trump Put the Past Behind Them

On May 29, the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump was thinking of bringing Musk, the South African-born genius behind Tesla and SpaceX, into the White House if he wins the election in November. The two have apparently talked about giving Musk an official role in the administration, including input on border security and the economy.

Musk has claimed he started as a liberal and hasn’t changed his views, but is now right of center because the left has become much more extreme. Throughout the Biden administration, he’s become increasingly critical of the president and his policies. He’s also emerged as a strong opponent of “woke” ideology, which he calls a “mind virus.” Musk has also accused leading Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), of allowing illegal immigration to prop up their voter base.

When Trump ran for president in 2016, it’s safe to say that Musk, who held left-of-center values, wasn’t his biggest admirer. The two reputedly had a chilly relationship. However, their relations seem to have experienced a distinct thaw. Musk confirmed in March that he doesn’t plan to donate money to either candidate this time round, but sources say that Trump and the tech entrepreneur talk regularly on the phone. Musk has also said that he voted for Biden in the past but can’t see himself doing that again.

In fact, according to the WSJ, Musk might actively be planning to oppose Biden’s re-election campaign. The newspaper claimed some of its sources said Musk was talking to investor Nelson Peltz about launching a campaign, together with Trump, to prevent voter fraud, a tactic that many conservatives feel Biden will exploit to hang on to power. Rumors also suggest that Musk and Peltz are working to persuade the wealthy and influential to abandon Biden.

Still, joining a new Trump administration could complicate Musk’s business career. He’s already under pressure after a Delaware judge blocked the multimillion-dollar salary he took from Tesla, claiming Musk was too busy with other projects to justify so much compensation. If he actually worked in the government, that pressure would increase. But Musk — and Trump — might consider the price worth paying to bring the entrepreneur’s energy and talents into the White House.

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