Trump Blasts RFK Jr as Radical Candidate

( – Presidential elections in the United States tend to be viewed as Republican/Democratic party battles, though there are typically third-party candidates like the Libertarians. However, a man with one of the most revered family names amongst Liberals is mounting a run as an Independent candidate just announced his running mate. Former President Donald Trump wasted no time in expressing his opinion of the duo.

Uncle John

The nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy and the son of his brother Robert who served as the United States Attorney General during his administration, typically known as RFK Jr., shed his identity as a Democrat to take on both Trump and President Joe Biden. He announced that his running mate for vice president on their ticket is attorney, philanthropist, and activist Nicole Shanahan.

The ex-POTUS took to his Truth Social feed to label RFK Jr. as the “most Radical Left candidate in the race,” but offered the opinion that it would help his MAGA campaign because he will siphon off votes from “Crooked Joe Biden.” He also took a shot at the Blue states’ political machine [satirically] warning that both of the Independents will find themselves being removed from ballots and possibly facing criminal indictments.

Trump is far from alone in his criticisms of Kennedy and Shanahan, Democrats across the country seem to be having a meltdown over what this means for President Joe Biden. Numerous news outlets are reporting on a Democratic National Committee press call shortly after the announcement and the almost panic-like reactions that were expressed.

Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow used one of the Left’s go-to complaints when anybody has the nerve to challenge their superiority (complex) in any forum claiming that the Kennedy/Shanahan ticket on the election ballots is “an abuse of our democracy.”

Aside from her astounding lack of knowledge of the form of government in the United States (it’s a constitutional federal republic), she accused the former Democrat of choosing his running mate so that she could “buy his way onto the ballot” in any number of states and, more to the point, increasing the odds of a second term for Trump.

McMorrow’s comment would appear to be a reference to Shanahan’s rags-to-riches story starting as the daughter of a Chinese immigrant raised on welfare who married into the extremely rarefied heights of the ultrarich after marrying Google co-founder Sergey Brin. The two divorced in 2022 after a rumored affair with her tech mogul husband’s friend Elon Musk (which they both deny) and although the terms of the split remain confidential there are indications that she has a very large war chest for the fight ahead.

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