Trump Blames Pelosi for Jan 6 Insurrection

( – Former president Donald Trump is trying to turn the tables on his critics. In a bold move, Trump told reporters that if the Capitol riot he’s been accused of provoking really was an insurrection, then it was Nancy Pelosi who caused it, not him. It’s a strategy that suggests Trump is increasingly confident about his bid for a second term.

On February 8, Trump spoke to reporters outside his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida, and discussed the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot. The House committee set up to investigate the riot has recommended that Trump face criminal charges over his alleged role in it.

Trump called the event “the insurrection … which I think was an insurrection caused by Nancy Pelosi.” Trump also said that if it was an insurrection, “there were no guns, not anything except for the fact they shot Ashli Babbitt,” referring to the shooting of an Air Force veteran by a Capitol police officer. Prosecutors say some of the rioters were armed, but if that was the case they didn’t use them; the only shooting was by police. He also pointed out that, although he’s being accused of encouraging the “insurrection,” in fact he was on Twitter that day urging people to go home.

As campaigning for November’s presidential election moves into a higher gear, it’s looking likely that the only thing that can keep Trump from facing Biden again is the legal circus that still surrounds him.

His Democrat opponents could be facing another blow, as the Supreme Court leans toward preventing states from taking his name off the ballot. That question came up after Colorado’s highest court ruled that, because Trump’s been accused of insurrection, the 14th Amendment bans him from holding office. However, there seems to be a growing bipartisan consensus on the Supreme Court that states can’t decide who runs in federal elections. It looks likely that this obstacle to Trump’s campaign will soon be removed.

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