Trump Announces Plans to Deport Nearly 20 Million Migrants

( – Former President Donald Trump has been actively campaigning for the 2024 election and has spoken with several publications to get the word out about his agenda. In a recent interview with TIME Magazine’s Eric Cortellessa, Trump says he knows what he did wrong during his first term: he was too nice. He detailed a plan as to how he plans to handle the perceived migrant crisis in the United States.

Mass Deportations

Speaking with Cortellessa, Trump discussed how the border crisis is one of his major focuses. He went into detail about how he would carry out mass deportations should he win the White House later this year. One of the first courses of action he’d take would be to reinstate the policies President Joe Biden did away with through executive action when he took office, including the Remain in Mexico program and Title 42. Child trafficking, fentanyl deaths, and record border crossing numbers would be his justification.

Military and Police Involvement

Trump noted that he would direct the National Guard to “round up and remove undocumented migrants” across the country, around 20 million people. If that didn’t work, he’d employ more military forces. He said detention camps were a possibility and that he would have no issue deploying the US military to help in the mission.

The former president also plans to involve local police forces and should they decline to adopt his policies, he will deny them funding, saying, “they won’t partake in the riches.”

Cortellessa brought up the 1878 law, the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits use of military force on civilians. Trump responded that illegal migrants aren’t considered civilians. He also said that he made similar promises during his first term, but would need to be more aggressive in his second, something he plans to do.

Trump’s numbers fell far short of those of his predecessor, former President Barack Obama. However, one of his advisers said that a subsequent term could lead to the deportation of “more than 11 million undocumented migrants.” NumbersUSA Director of Research, Eric Ruark, told the New York Post that there are likely “between 15 and 20 million” illegal immigrants in the country, given the record-breaking border crossing numbers of the last few years.

Immediate Targets

In his immediate crosshairs are those who have criminal histories. According to Axios, he would make use of the 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts to follow through with rounding these migrants up for removal. Then, there are those who sponsor migrant children who cross the border without any guardians.

The deportations are likely to be met with resistance, but Trump insists they are necessary to improve America.

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