Trump Allies Could Face Legal Action for Circumventing Gag Order

( – It’s probably doing a disservice to the Ringling Brothers to call New York County (Manhattan) District Attorney (DA) Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of former President Donald Trump a three-ring circus, though both abound with clowns. After a group of Republican lawmakers and others who hope to land the vice president spot on the 2024 ticket showed up in the courtroom to support him and then express themselves to the media, some Liberals have taken it to another level, perhaps a seven- or eight-ring affair.

Gag Order Violation?

Those who came to show solidarity with the single-term POTUS who is campaigning for a return to the Oval Office included Republican senators JD Vance (OH) and Rick Scott (FL), firebrand Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CO), and presidential primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. There were many others, New York Magazine writer Andrew Rice quipped on X that he would need “the Almanac of American Politics [an actual book] to identify.”

A few news outlets have published articles centered on another post on X by former federal prosecutor Eric Lisann who claims that those who have the audacity to speak on Trump’s behalf could face subpoenas if the court decides to find out if they were directed to do so by the ex-President.

He claims that the beleaguered defendant is “not denying that he is directing others” in ways that violate the gag order imposed by Judge Juan Merchan, seeming to imply that that is the same as an admission that he is doing so. As a lawyer himself, one would think he’d know the distinction.

The source of all the conjecture surrounding the talking points of the Republicans who showed up seems to come from the aforementioned pundit Rice who may have violated Trump’s constitutional rights, at the very least his right to privacy. He has been crowing to just about anyone that he looked over the former president’s shoulder and is claiming that he saw him making notes on statements “these individuals” would make in the future.

Merchan’s gag order of March 26 (with a clarification added on April 1) is fairly narrowly constructed and forbids Trump from “making or directing others to make public statements” about witnesses, lawyers other than Bragg, members of the DA office and/or court staff, or family members of them. The latter group was added after it became public knowledge that the judge’s daughter is a Democratic operative who had worked with VP Kamala Harris’s campaign and is the president of Authentic Campaigns which funnels millions of dollars to Progressive politicians.

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