Texas Responds to Border Ruling by Adding More Razor Wire

(RightWing.org) – The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) recently sided with the Biden Administration in a decision over whether to allow federal agents to remove areas of razor wire along the southern border. The ruling, just one in a lengthy battle between Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the White House, has Republicans fuming. The state leader responded by adding more razor wire and saying he would continue to do so to secure his border.

Years of Fighting

Abbott’s battle with the Biden administration began early into the 46th presidency, with policies that opened the floodgates and allowed illegal immigration to surge out of control. The Texas governor began Operation Lone Star in March 2021. The move appropriated funds to beef up border security measures in the hopes of deterring illegal crossings. Part of the effort has included the use of razor wire reinforcements along the border in high-traffic areas, such as the land just beyond the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass.

The US Justice Department went to court over the issue, claiming the presence of razor wire along the border was keeping patrol agents from doing their jobs. Officials alleged the barriers made apprehensions and rescues more difficult because they stood as much between illegal immigrants and border patrol as they divided the regions.

A previous ruling, made by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in December 2023, had reversed a lower-court decision that first permitted the barriers’ destruction. The SCOTUS’ most recent ruling vacated that injunction, allowing the practice to continue while Texas awaits its next day in court over the matter.

Defying the SCOTUS

Abbott doubled down in his razor-wire efforts in response to the SCOTUS’ 5-4 ruling, which is just a temporary decision that will stand until the next court date on the matter. The current order states that federal agents can cut away and remove razor wire that impedes their work. Because it doesn’t specifically bar Texas from building additional fencing, Abbott is exploiting the loophole for all it’s worth.

A post Abbott made on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, shows a picture of men in military fatigues building new razor wire fencing. The Texas leader wrote that the barrier was “an effective deterrent,” adding that he would continue the construction in the effort to curb illegal immigration.

Texas Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton has been fighting the case alongside Abbott. He also disagreed with the SCOTUS’ latest ruling and vowed to continue the fight. The case moves on to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on February 7.

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