Senate Clears Controversial $95B Aid Bill

( – After months of delay, a massive package of military and humanitarian aid for US allies has been approved. In a largely bipartisan vote, the Senate approved the funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Much of the money will go towards replacing weapons donated from US stockpiles.

On April 20, the House passed three foreign aid bills allocating money to Ukraine, Israel, and several Pacific nations including Taiwan. Three days later the Senate voted on legislation that included all three of those bills, plus a fourth covering more sanctions on hostile states and a forced sale of controversial social media platform TikTok. The package passed by 79 votes to 18, with 31 GOP senators joining Democrats to approve it while two Democrats and socialist relic Bernie Sanders (I-VT) voted against.

The foreign aid bills will send around $61 billion to Ukraine, $26 billion to Israel, and $8 billion to countries in the Indo-Pacific region, with Taiwan getting the largest amount. The aid is military-focused, with Ukraine’s package including a range of advanced weapons it needs to resist the heavy Russian attacks it’s currently facing.

Among these weapons are long-range ATACMS missiles, and desperately needed artillery ammunition — and $23.2 billion will pay to replenish US stocks that have already gone to Ukraine.

Israel, which has now been at war with the Hamas terrorist organization for more than six months, will also receive air defense missiles to replace the ones it’s used against Palestinian and Iranian missiles.

Meanwhile, China’s communist regime has been building up its forces opposite Taiwan and trying to intimidate the island nation by sending warplanes into its airspace; almost $2 billion will pay to replace US air defense missiles donated to Taiwan, and $3.3 billion to develop submarine bases in the region. It’s an expensive package, but the Biden administration hopes it will make US allies more secure.

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